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Financial Planning

“The future you see is the future you get” — Robert Allen

Financial planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your resources. In various phases of life due to scarcity of resources and knowledge, you are not able to attain the required financial growth to fulfill your financial needs. This results in living with a strong feeling of dissatisfaction. You would feel the compulsive need to manage your financial activities to meet the important financial goals of life. Financial Planning strategizes your resources in such a manner that you achieve or exceed your aspirations goals ensuring availability of funds when required. The two most important pillars for a good financial plan are :-

Risk Planning
Risk is an integral part of our life today. It could be risk of loss or damage of personal property, loss of income due to illness, disability or death. One main area of the role of personal financial planning is to ensure the ability to maintain one’s standard of living in case of some unforeseen or unfortunate event. Risk can be mitigated by a tool which is known as ‘Insurance’. Insurance ensures a safety net by providing the necessary funds when one meets with events like accidents, disabilities, illnesses or death. One main contribution of insurance is that it helps in providing peace of mind, knowing that enough funds are at hand at the time when things do not go the way they should. This peace of mind gives one the energy and confidence to move forward. The significant factors we focus on when recommending an insurance plan are :-

  • The first and foremost is to ascertain the human life value of an individual.
  • Protection of the family of the breadwinner in his absence through an appropriate mix of term insurance cover, disability cover, critical illness cover, accident death cover etc.
  • Recommended insurance policies are beneficial in the long-term.
  • Sufficiency of protection to family and self for hospitalization expenses.

Investment Planning
We provide the strategy to accomplish your financial goals like retirement, children’s education and marriage. Considering your investment objectives and risk tolerance an investment plan is tailor made. This investment plan is reviewed periodically and updated to achieve optimum asset allocation. To make your investment plan most efficient we focus on the following :-

Create avenues for long-term wealth creation, that will provide you a steady source of income during the retired phase of life.
We help you to keep track of your income versus expenditure on a regular basis and help you identify avenues to increase savings for wealth creation.
Ensure that individuals and businesses gain from attractive tax benefits with suitable entry and exit from the investment options.
Maintaining financial discipline to ensure wealth creation and preservation because financial success ultimately depends on your own financial discipline.

A comprehensive financial plan includes Retirement Planning, Investment planning, Tax Planning and Contingency Planning. Hence, we encourage everyone to take up financial planning before initiating the investment process.